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Churpi Chews

Churpi Chews

$ 8.99

Centuries of tradition go into the making of Churpi Chews. Generation after generation have learned to create this unique Nepalese treat.Himalayan Mountains
Made in the shadows of Mt. Everest and the high peaks of the Himalayas, the combination of the altitude and exotic yak’s milk are the cornerstone of this ancient treat. QT Dog is now able to treat your dog to the delightful imported tastes of this ancient chew. The flavors are a dog’s best friend and will keep your friend chewing enthusiastically. The Churpi Chew is all natural and free from additives and preservatives. A mixture of Yak milk and a little salt and lime juice creates this healthy chew that tantalizes your dog’s taste buds. Enjoy the tradition!  Small contains 2 treats.

Available in Various Sizes:

Small: for dogs up to 15 pounds
Medium: for dogs up to 35 lbs
Jumbo: for dogs of all sizes

Ingredients:  Yak & Cow Milk, Lime Juice and Salt

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